Business Risks and Compliance

Open Enrolment Program

Sustainable profitability is an outcome of an efficiently managed operation, but specially of strong culture and governance practices that protect risk-based strategies and Legal & Integrity risks are a part of this equation. It varies from Country to Country and commonly are misperceived or even disregarded by business leaders/companies, leading to countless problems and major business setbacks.

This Program allows students to understand the regulatory environment and legal liabilities involved when doing business in most Countries of the World. In a simple, business-merged and universally understandable way, specially to non-lawyers, you will discuss how business leaders should act to prevent and properly react to legal and integrity risks emerging from corporate operations, innovating the approach to corporate risks and crisis management.

  • Discuss the complexity and logics of the legal and regulatory systems on democratic countries.
  • Recognize the relation between a Culture of integrity and Legal risks;
  • Classify initiatives to prevent, detect and to properly react to wrongdoing related to legal and integrity risks
  • Illustrate the development a crisis management plan.

Business executives that oversees projects and legal departments; Legal executives or any other executive that has under hers/his responsibilities the direct or indirect management of legal departments; Corporate Lawyers; Lawyers that interacts with business executives or legal executives.

  • Minimum 5 years of work experience.
  • Active Insper MBA students must have completed at least 3 quarters
  • Fluency in English
  • They may be alumni of MBA programs
  • Insper students must have grades greater than or equal to 8.5
  • Only students coming from universities with the following accreditations will be accepted: AMBA, ANAMBA, AACSB or EQUIS


Course Information and Tuition

Subject to change without prior notice, depending on the number of participants.