Brazilian Political – Economic Scenario

Open Enrolment Program

The idea is to offer an analysis of the domestic economic scenario at the beginning of a new Government. The recently elected Brazilian federal government proposes a reform agenda and, for this, it is important to discuss the political constraints for its approval, as well as the implications of this new trajectory on the main economic variables such as growth, inflation and unemployment.

In this program, we offer 2 full scholarships and 4 half scholarships for foreigners.

Scholarships are granted in order of application, so we strongly advise candidates to apply as soon as possible.

To apply, in the dissertation field inform that you want to be candidate for full scholarships, or full and half scholarships.

  • Understand the relationship between economic policies and endogenous variables of the economy;
  • Apply this knowledge in the elaboration of scenarios based on possible evolutions of economic policies and their political restrictions.

Professionals from different areas with an interest in the economic evolution of the country, for a better conduct of their business or simply for a better understanding of the new scenario and its implications.

Classes will be conducted in English. We strongly recommend a good level of both reading and understanding.

Early Bird Enrollment: 10% discount on the total cost of the course, granted for enrollments made up to 25 days before the start of classes. In addition to the payment discount, the advance enrollment allows the availability of materials, prior reading or application of tests (according to the needs of each course), better organization of the class by the teacher and the school, to welcome new students with excellence.


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