Accountable Marketing

Open Enrolment Program

In highly competitive business environments with increasingly limited resources, companies must choose and prioritize investments that have potential to bring the highest returns to the company and its stakeholders.

In the Accountable Marketing program, you will discuss key metrics and indicators as well as the dynamics of value creation for the organization. In addition, you will understand how marketers can use these metrics to “sell” their ideas and recommendations, to make better efforts and/or budget allocations and prioritization, as well as to ensure the accountability of marketing actions and make them more effective.

In this program, we offer 2 full scholarships and 4 half scholarships for foreigners.

Scholarships are granted in order of application, so we strongly advise candidates to apply as soon as possible.

To apply, in the dissertation field inform that you want to be candidate for full scholarships, or full and half scholarships.

In this course, you will receive the tools and know-how to:

  • Understand and analyze key marketing metrics and know how to use them in decision making;
  • Justify the risks and financial benefits of your decisions;
  • Evaluate plans, explain variances, judge the performance of the marketing investments and identify key leverage points for improvement;
  • Quantify the value of products, customers and distribution channels, under various pricing and marketing communication investment scenarios.

Intended for managers of the following areas: Marketing (esp. Marketing Controller), Finance, Planning and Audit, who seek to improve decision making and control of the marketing strategy choices.

Experienced managers with responsibility for developing and tracking indicators and metrics (esp. in marketing).

  • Graduate degree, with preference for a post-graduate diploma
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience
  • Knowledge of financial and accounting concepts

Early Bird Enrollment: 10% discount on the total cost of the course, granted for enrollments made up to 25 days before the start of classes. In addition to the payment discount, the advance enrollment allows the availability of materials, prior reading or application of tests (according to the needs of each course), better organization of the class by the teacher and the school, to welcome new students with excellence.


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