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In our uncertain, rapidly changing world, the day of the individual heroic leader is over.  We face massive challenges globally–climate disruption, pandemics, water and food crises, to name a few.  We also hold great aspirations: to protect the health of our planet, promote pathways out of poverty, and assure health and access to education for all.  These challenges and aspirations cannot be addressed by any one institution or any leader alone, however visionary.  It requires collaborative leadership.  How ready are you to lead alongside other leaders?  How can you work effectively and closely with others who are leaders in their own right?  How can you elicit, support, and unleash the leadership capacities of your own teams?

In the Leading Leaders course, we will explore and deepen your capacity for collaborative leadership. Through dialogue, practice, and reflection, we will build your repertoire of leadership approaches that build your ability to lead with others.  We will address such modern leadership practices as using story to identify shared values with other leaders, helping others operate at their best, understanding how to handle complexity and remain centered, and building great collaborative leadership teams that help you achieve collective aspirations.

  • Understand how to build collaborative leadership through shared values
  • Develop your capacity to handle complexity
  • Understand how to build great leadership teams
  • Develop simple but profound daily leadership practices that enhance your effectiveness and resilience as a leader of leaders

For senior managers who want to deepen and expand their ability to lead other leaders, and meet the challenges of the future.

This highly interactive course blends team and individual exercises, lecturettes, case discussions, and guided practice to expand your capacity to strengthen your own leadership and that of others around you.

Advanced English skill is necessary to understand and to interact during this course.

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Conteúdo Programático

Course Content

  • Ways of leading leaders
  • Using story, metaphors and archetypes to explore and enhance how to lead other leaders with purpose and visions
  • Dealing with Complexity
  • Knowing what can be influenced, embracing different world views
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Building a great leadership team and helping other leaders operate at their learning edge
  • Building your daily leadership practices
  • Using cycles, listening, centering, intentions and other leadership practices to become a more effective leader of leaders

Action Learning Project


The course action learning project involves identifying a key set of leaders with whom you work, assessing the effectiveness of that leadership collaboration, and identifying tangible actions that will strengthen your own leadership and that of others


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(BRA Time)

Course Duration: approx. 14 hours*

Enrollments: until February 5, 2021

Upcoming session: February 9, 2021

End of classes: February 23, 2021

Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Limited availability.
The course will be taught in English.

08 hours of synchronous live classes with the faculty and colleagues

Asynchronous Activities: It is estimated 06 hours of dedication in the Action Learning Project and other asynchronous activities, such as watching videos, reading cases and articles recommended by the faculty.

Course Program

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