Developing a Global Mindset

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Globalization is an ongoing challenge for the management. Many companies are already internationally oriented, and others are willing to become more international. In this context, entrepreneurs and executives in general will have to think and operate more globally, and they can only succeed with the development of cross-cultural competencies. A Global Mindset is an important part of these cross-cultural competencies and characterizes the ability to successfully understand and interconnect different cultures.

In the program “Developing a Global Mindset” you will understand the importance of a global mindset for you as a leader and for you organization. You will have the opportunity to assess where you stand right now, and where your organization stands, planning a path for developing a global mindset as a leader and for the organization.

  • To recognize the importance of a global mindset for leaders and for organizations
  • To acknowledge the personality factors of Global Mindset Leaders and assess where you stand in relation to each one of them
  • To plan your personal development and growth as a Global Mindset Leader
  • To diagnose a Company Global Mindset and propose development of overtime

(Senior) Executives responsible or interested in international/global functions (e.g. HR, Procurement, Marketing and Sales, Supply Chain Management, R&D, Logistics, HR), Entrepreneurs form start-ups, family businesses or SMEs interested in developing a global mindset as leaders and as businesses.

International business experience is desired but not required.

Advanced English skill is necessary to understand and to interact during this course.

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Course Content

  • Doing business in a globalized world
  • What is a Global Mindset? Definition at different levels
  • Global Mindset definition in Management Level
  • Evolution and history of Global Mindset
  • Global Mindset and personality attributes
  • Evaluation of the Global Mindset of leaders
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • How to develop a Global Mindset?
  • Global Mindset Definition at company levels
  • Learning, development, and training possibilities for the establishment of a Global Mindset
  • Influencing factors for an organizational Global Mindset
  • Cultivation of Global Mindset in the company
  • Evaluating the Global Mindset of your company

Action Learning Project

  • The participants will assess their Global Mindset as Leaders, as well as the Global Mindset of the Organization they represent. After this, the participants will plan a path of Global Mindset development. Assessments and plans will be shared amongst participants for peer learning and feedback.


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Course Duration: approx. 20 hours*

Upcoming session: To be determined

Limited availability.
The course will be taught in English.

10 hours of synchronous live classes with the faculty and colleagues

Asynchronous Activities: It is estimated 05 hours of dedication in the Action Learning Project and other asynchronous activities, such as watching videos, reading cases and articles recommended by the faculty.

Course Program

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