Working Papers

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“The Nature of the Social Firm: Organizational Arrangements for Social Value Creation and Capture.”

“Going the Distance: The Foreign Investment Strategies of Sovereign Wealth Funds” (with Pedro Makhoul and Aldo Musacchio).

“Leviathan as an Inventor: Patenting Intensity, Originality and Impact of State-Owned Corporations” (with Luiz Mesquita, Felipe Monteiro and Aldo Musacchio).

“Hybrids of Hybrids? Plural Forms of Collaboration and their Effect on the Social Value Creation of Public Initiatives” (with Nobuiuki Ito, Leandro Pongeluppe, Felippe Medeiros, Armen Ovanessoff).

“Integrating Organizational, Resource-Based, and Practice-Based Views of Heterogeneous Performance” (with Thomaz Teodorovicz, Sandro Cabral, and Leandro Nardi).

“Heterogeneous Stakeholder Resources: Effects on Value Creation and Appropriation in the Context of Microcredit” (with Leandro Nardi and Sandro Cabral).

“Reconciling Financial and Social Performance through Heterogeneous Business Models: An Empirical Study of Impact-Oriented Investors” (with Sandro Cabral, Luciana Ferreira, Leandro Pongeluppe and Angelica Rotondaro).

“Can Trust Induce External Exchanges to be Internalized? An Experimental Study of Buyer and Supplier Distinct Capabilities” (with Luiz Mesquita, Sylvia Saes and Leandro Pongeluppe).

“Towards a Conceptualization of the Scale-up Firm” (with Guilherme Fowler Monteiro).

“Does Competitive Advantage Imply Superior Efficiency? An Extension of the Resource-Based View” (with Guilherme Fowler Monteiro).

“How Do State Enterprises Adapt? An Historical and Comparative Exploration of CEO Turnover Decisions” (with Paul Ferreira, Aldo Musacchio and Claudia Bruschi).

“On the Co-evolutionary Aspects of Public and Private Entrepreneurship” (with Sandro Cabral, Peter Klein, and Anita M. McGahan).